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Curriculum Delivery Management Software

Achieve omnipresent supervision in every classroom every day and boost your academic performance by up to 40% on the present funding level and teacher stock.


  • A classroom software
    specially designed to work
    in Standbasis Schools
    Digital Transformation
    environment, generating
    and sharing data with other
    components of the model.
  • Focused on achieving the
    40% contribution to
    academic performance that
    comes from nonfunding
    driven source of Curriculum
    Delivery Processes.
  • It provides the key
    necessity of (omni)present
    supervision of classroom
    processes in our peculiar
    fettered supervisory layers.
  • Meets the Big Data and
    analytics data
    requirements of: “volume,
    variety, and velocity”,
    integrity and security.


  • The software is centrally
    orchestrated as a service to
    digital terminals, mobile or
    desktops, depending on the
    userrole. Client hardware is
    limited to their digital


  • Each School or School System
    client operates transparent of
    other clients with full resources
    at every level of their corporate


  • At client level, data generation,
    distribution, integration and
    accumulation implement the
    clients’ policies exclusively and


  • Emerging business logic and
    webdata culture form the
    design philosophy of Standbasis
    Curriculum Managemen


  • Big savings and enhanced
    funding value.


  • The lowest possible
    overheads in energy, ‘entry,
    operation and ownership
    cost’, user learning curve
    and processes disruption.


  • Enables nearrealtime
    Quality Assurance (QA)
    operation, systemwide.
Omni Present Supervisors

Automated, policydriven curriculum operations data generation and
distribution, realtime

Observe and analyze the actions/inactions as well as policy
semantics not apparent to humans

Quality Assurance in nearrealtime

Curriculum delivery processes summaries at mobile devices and LED
screens at strategic desks in clients’ schools and education offices

QA over the web widens the QA effort both by the act and knowledge of their

Central Digital Resources Repository

–  Shared Software Services and Utilities

School Forms and Templates

Teaching Resources

Continuous Capacity Development Resources

Analytics Resources

Stakeholders Information Services

Wards attendance tracker

Assessment and Examination Reports

Bulletins and Notices