e-pls Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Electronic Personal Lecture Schedule

    • It enables lecturers to broadcast the status of impending lecture to their respective classes ahead of time.

    • It notifies students of the status of impending lecture ahead of time.

    • It also reminds the lecturer of the status of an impending lecture 15 minutes to the lecture period.

    • The lecturer sets the status of their lecture any time ahead of the lecture. The status is reflected on the students ‘electronic lecture schedule’ displayed in their mobile app.

    • There is provision for an alert to be sent to users’ numbers at a quarter to the lecture hour. This may not be deployed in this Beta Release. In the final Release, text alert will be optional at a fee.

    • Caution: text notification is subject to telecom service providers efficiency and challenges. Texts may suffer delays sometimes.

    • Confirmed Lecture: Stop your activity and proceed to the lecture venue

    • Re-scheduled Lecture: Continue with your activity but watch your electronic schedule for a rescheduled event

    • Deferred Lecture: continue with your activity, a new fixture would be made in the future

    • Cancelled Lecture: Continue with your activity

    • Unset Lecture: Proceed to the lecture venue to confirm if the lecture would hold.

    • The lecturer can change the status of a lecture several times before the lecture. BUT that is limited to 31 minutes before the lecture time. 30 minutes to lecture time, the system imposes a block on the status management function so that the status cannot be changed again until after the lecture has started. Any setting thereafter would be effective for the same lecture during the following week.

    • The status of a lecture can only be re-scheduled for times and days ahead, never backwards. Any lecture reschedule that chooses a time before the actual lecture automatically sets it for the next week.

    • The student can assume that the lecture status indicated from 30 minutes to the lecture and up to the lecture starting time is the final lecture status.

    • Note: Be sure that your watch time is not different from the computer time.

    • (For iPhone users skip download/install, and visit: https://e-pls.standbasislive.com and proceed to ‘Sign-Up’)
    • Download and install e-pls mobile app from https://standbasis.com/download

    • To Sign up, scroll the sign-in form down to the bottom. Click on the sign-up text in the last line.

    • Fill out the sign-up form and submit. Note that your name in the form is your ‘user name’ and your password remains. These would be your authentication ‘username/password’ data for signing in.

    • The sign-in form comes up directing you to ‘sign-in’ to your account.

    • Obtain your institution’s User Code

    • Click on ‘Activate’ on the black menu or click on the ‘Course Catalogue’

    • Replace the institution code with your institution’s code. Follow the promptings to the payment screen.

    • Select ‘Card Payment’.

    • Select the card with a string of 1s

    • If successful, you will be returned to the ‘Course Catalogue’ screen.

    • Select your ‘Faculty’, ‘Department’ and ‘Courses’

    • For electives ran by other faculties, use the Icon on the right.

    • Observe your course selection down the page. If there was any mistake, drop the course and repeat the process.

    • Click ‘View Schedule’ about 3 minutes after completion of course selection. Your Electronic Personal Lecture Schedule (e-pls) is displayed.

    • Note, activation is per semester.

    • In the event of loss of password and any other request for assistance, your email address will be automatically used for contacting you.

    • It is both your service contact and a part of your security question for verification

    • Your valid ID number is a part of your security question for verification purposes.

    • Monitor your lecture status in the last column of the schedule.

    • The final status is presented from 30 minutes to the lecture period.

    • For lecturers, utilize the ‘Manage Status’ icon to change your lecture status up to 30 minutes to the lecture.

    • E-pls is running a Beta Release at the moment and is free to every user.

    • A subscription notice will be issued ahead of the Final Release.

    • No other user can access your services and service trail UNLESS they steal your username and password. If you suspect anything, change your password immediately.

    • Both Nigerian and European Union (EU) Personal Data Protection protocols are observed.

    • If and when institution-users request to be registered, the users from the affected institutions will be notified beforehand and an authorization line will be included in the sign-up form so that affected users who wish to deny access by their institutions will opt out.

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